Online Booking


The Ballarat Aero Club uses an online system for members booking aircraft, instructors and other resources.

To access the system all that is required to make and view bookings is an Internet connection, a web browser (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari) your login and your password. If you contact the club administration you will be provided with a login and a temporary password.

This initial password can easily be changed to something more memorable from within the application. This is done by hovering your mouse over the Main Menu box on the upper right of the web page, and selecting Change Password from the displayed options. It is recommended for security reasons that you DO NOT use a password that is also used for any other applications such as Internet banking.

From the Main Menu you can also update your personal details from the Change My Details option, or view Help Information about using the system. On the change details screen if the member type shown does not match your current license status (Student vs. Pilot, GA vs. RA), please contact the club to have this changed. The booking types available to you are dependent on your member type. Please view the help menu (from the top right box to learn the key aspects of the system.

You can enter your own bookings as required. Be aware that dual bookings need to be confirmed by the instructor and on confirmation the booking will change to a green colour and a confirmation email will be automatically sent. Sometimes the timing of the booking will not work and the instructor may have to adjust the times a little to fit in with the days activities or maintenance requirements etc.. If the new times are not acceptable, please phone the Club on 5339 1742.

This is the link to the system:

It is suggested that you bookmark this site so you can go directly to it.

If you have any difficulty using the system, please contact the club administration.