What does it cost to Learn to Fly?

Over 90% of the cost of training is in the hourly aircraft rate. This hourly rate includes the pre-flight and post flight briefing given by your instructor so you are only paying for the time your aircraft engine is running.

As rates change from time to time with such things as the changeable fuel costs and the CPI we suggest you call for the latest rates.

The flying hours involved for training vary considerably depending on a number of factors including the frequency of training flights, age and general aptitude etc. While the minimum legal requirement for RPL is 25 hours total, most people will take about 35 (E.G. 30 dual and 5 solo). For PPL, plan on 15 – 20 hours of dual and 5 of solo.

Other costs include CASA licence fee ($75) Medical check (about $120 – 150), CASA medical fee ($75), theory book kit ($200 for RPL and $95 for PPL), optional theory lectures, Club membership (which entitles you to the club flying rates) $198, and other small test and exam fees.

Typically people should budget for around $1000 for RPL and an extra $9,500 for PPL (including all the extras). Young, capable, full-time students may come in below these figures.