How long does it take to Learn to Fly?

Normally, training at just one lesson per week, it would take about 8-9 months to complete your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL).

It would then take about a further 3 months of training to complete your full Private Pilot Licence (PPL).

If you wished to train on a full time basis these periods would be about 4 weeks (RPL) and 3 weeks (PPL) respectively for the flying lessons. It would be wise to allow a suitable gap after the RPL training to study and sit for the PPL theory exam.

Likewise, pilots continuing on with Commercial Pilot Licence training will need to allow a period of time after achieving their Private Licence to study the Commercial Licence theory and also to gain the extra ‘solo’ flying hours of experience required. The actual flying training for their Commercial Licence test will only take a few weeks if done on a full time basis.