How does a person learn to fly?

Learning to fly can start at any time you wish.

You simply book a flying lesson or, if you are not sure about learning, try our special offer Trial Instruction Flight.

A lesson normally involves about one hour of flying with a 20 minute pre-flight briefing and a short post-flight briefing by your instructor.

Continue to book lessons at times that suit – we operate 7 days per week. One lesson per week works well for most people but we can provide lessons as required including a full time course as well. Basic accommodation is available for people from out of town.

As with most things there is some paper-work to fill out and send in but your instructor will explain this to you. You will then be issued with an “Aviation Reference Number” which becomes your licence number.

You can also purchase your “Student Pilot Kit” at the Club. These well illustrated books take you through all you need to know for each lesson as well as the general knowledge required for your Pilot Licence. Then you can have a medical checkup (see Medical Examination below) and once you complete the first ‘block’ of flying training, your instructor will be able to send you on that momentous occasion, your first solo flight, where you pilot the aeroplane all by yourself.

People wishing to undertake full time training are advised to contact us a couple of months before-hand so that the applications can be sent in early, saving any delays to your training.