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Once getting your RPL, the next goal for you is to learn how to navigate. Holding a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) allows you to fly pretty much anywhere in Australia by day in visual metrological condition including controlled airspace. It’s exactly what you need for those weekend getaways that is too far to drive.


During training, you will plan and fly navigational flights with guidance of your instructor and also by yourself as the pilot in command. You will also need to complete study and exams in PPL theory which includes aerodynamic, aircraft systems, meteorology navigation, performance and air law.

Cost Breakdown

Training hours listed are based on minimum requirements. Students may need more time to meet the required competency standards.

12 Months Membership Membership for BAC $198
Pilot Training 10 Dual in C172 @ $345 $3450
Pilot Training 5 Solo in C172 @ $235 $1175
Pre-flight briefing 15 minutes pre-flight briefing before each flight included
Theory Materials Aviation Theory PPL/CPL Pilot Kit $385





  • Prices current as of 01/07/18 inclusive of GST
  • Cost for other materials such as maps and charts, medical and CASA fees are not quoted
  • Visit for more information about current rules and regulations

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