Visiting Pilots

Local Information for visiting Pilots

RH circuits on RWY 18 and RWY 13

NIL wind use RWY 18
Bird hazards exist over lake to south of RWY 18
Two radio mast 1675 ft AMSL South of AD just south of Western Highway
Blasting takes place 1000 N of RWY 18, debris to 100 ft AGL

CTAF is 127.75

AWIS available on 134.05

Be sure to check the ERSA for up to date details

NOTE: There are Special Procedures at Ballarat Airport during the Fire Season. When these are in force, a summary will be put on the newsletter.



The Ballarat Aero Club welcomes visitors to our clubrooms so if you fly in to Ballarat please come in and meet us.

Office Hours

Thursday – Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. Clubrooms are open outside these hours when Instructors or Duty Pilots are present.

Food & Drink

Are available from our canteen


Toilet and Shower facilities are available in the Club. If Clubrooms are locked, public toilets are outside the fence on the Western apron or in the brick terminal building 200m East.


AVGAS is available using your AIRBP card. If you don’t have one, the Club can supply fuel (Surcharge applies). Payment by Visa or Mastercard is available (American Express and Diners cards are not accepted)

AV-TUR: See Field Air or AH 0428 518 344.

OIL We stock Shell W-100 and W-100 Plus in quart bottles